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Disconnected is a 5-10 minutes walking simulator.

Big thanks to Adam DeLease for doing all the programming.


Programming by: Adam DeLease 

Music from: www.thedarkpiano.com

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Black and White, Pixel Art, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes


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Just your everyday human interaction, nothing unusual here...

This was really cool. Thanks for making Spooky things!

Thank you very much for playing! I'm glad that you liked it. I'm working on something new but still haven't released any info yet.

I haven't played a good horror game in such a long time, and can I just say this genuinely freaked me

I didn't think this could be considered as a full horror game but thank you!

This game made me feel weird but was really interesting! Definitely unique! 

Thank you very much for playing! It's unfortunate that I couldn't understand what you were saying, but I still enjoyed watching.

Was a short yet fun experience playing this game. I enjoyed the game's art style and the atmosphere it built. I feel like there was a pretty deep message behind it, but I just didn't get what it was. Really good game though, I gotta hand it to ya. (Get it?  Cause he loses his hand? Lmao I'm so funny and original.)


Thank you for playing and the compliments! It was funny to watch you two. It's a shame that the game lagged in the end, but it's playing the ending cutscene. You can watch it here if you still haven't: https://goo.gl/J2G4zM

https://www.indietoaster.com/en/video-games/free-indie-games-you-need-to-play-se... We inserted your game in our monthly listicle!

Deleted 218 days ago

Thank you for playing! It's unfortunate for the ending to lag, but I honestly don't know how that happened.

Deleted post

Thank you for playing! I appreciate the clear effort that you've put on the video. The edits were really funny and that thumbnail looks great!

This took a weird turn real fast! I loved it though. Great Work :D

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Really interesting little game. Would love to see more of this evolve into a story.

My reaction for anyone interested:

Thank you very much for playing! You were really entertaining and I'm glad you liked the game.

Can i have your permission to post it to my Utube channel?

Yes, feel free to do so. I'd be more than happy to watch it.

thanks for the feedback Dev. please visit my channel ZilverPH Gaming :).. nice first game

Thanks! Unfortunately, I can't find your channel so if you could link it here, I'd be glad to check it out.

ok :) Reb, i'm a bit busy editing the video but stay tuned for the gameplay i make for the game... i'll be posting maybe this week 

Devs, please encourage others to watch my gameplay :)

Dev i'll be posting the this evening please check it out, philippine time

Please do link it here once it's up.

Very, very impressed. Loved it! 

Thank you very much for playing the game! Really glad that you liked it.

Saw this the day it came out and finally got around to doing a vid on it. Overall, Disconnected is a nice piece of work, especially for a first game. The art style, while simple pixels, is pretty well done, with the walk cycle and cutscene animation being pretty smooth. I've always enjoyed seeing what pixels can do. The audio, too, was simplistic, but worked well to set the dark tone the game itself seemed to want to present. Admittedly, I had no clue what was actually going on, but it was a fun ride.

Good job, dev. You made a game. Keep at it.

Thank you for playing! Really happy that you liked it.

Thanks for hitting me up Reb!


Thank you again for playing, Step!

i got lost after trying to escape from my arm tearing apart? any tips on what i couldve done? :D

Hey. I'm sorry that happened. You're supposed to talk to the guy blocking the way at the top left side. 
I actually made some small updates today. One of them is making the guy's collider a bit bigger. 
Thank you for playing nonetheless tho!

(3 edits) (+1)

Hi there, I'd first like to say thanks for reaching out to me about your game, I'll just be writing a quick review here to share some of my thoughts. I'm just going to be going over some things I liked, maybe some things I didn't and any bugs I might have run into while playing.

I'll start with the things I liked. First off I enjoyed the animations, they felt very fluid and well done, I got a kick out of the 'blood spurt' animation whenever you walked near someone, though that might just be my morbid sense of humour. I liked the unnerving atmosphere, where you can tell that something's off but you're not quite sure what it is, the grayscale colour scheme definitely helps add to that uneasiness, I also found it very eerie that the only other colour found in the entire game is that of your own blood, it's a nice artistic touch. I felt that the game didn't outstay it's welcome, the length seemed to be perfect for the type of game it is.

Now I'll just mention some things I didn't like throughout my play-through. The biggest thing that stands out for me is the lack of context given, this isn't that big of a deal and I sorta like it when a game is vague and leaves the interpretations up to the player, but I would have still liked some sense of what exactly was happening. This next one is only a minor one, and mostly comes down to the player, but in the beginning I felt a little lost, I managed to find my way after exhausting almost all options.

I'm happy to say that I didn't run into any game breaking bugs, or even any minor ones throughout my play time.

All in all, this is an interesting experience, given the lack of context it can be interpreted in a vast amount of ways and I somewhat like that. The look and feel of the game is fantastic, from the walking animation to the 'blood spurt' everything felt fluid and smooth. I'm happy to say that I did enjoy the game.

Once again, thanks for reaching out to me about the game, I'm happy to get the opportunity to hopefully share your work with more people.

Cheers and best wishes to you,



Thank you very much for playing and the feedback! I definitely agree that it could have had more context especially now that I see people actually playing it. I updated the game a bit to make the first guy a bit more obvious.

I enjoyed watching your playthrough. It's the most entertaining one I've seen yet, and I was actually laughing at times. I'm happy that you enjoyed the game for what it is. 

Also I did a small fanart of your character in the game's style since he's cool.

Hey, thanks for responding. I'm glad that the feedback was at least a bit useful. 

Thanks for checking out the video, I'm happy you enjoyed it, and again thank you for contacting me about your game, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for any future releases from you.

Thank you very much for the fan art! It looks fantastic and I really appreciate it. 

i loved this game!! this was amazing!! i really wanna know what happens at the end :D really great job on creating this game! :D

Thank you so much for playing! Really glad that you liked it.

This was a pretty awesome game. A little more understanding of what was going on would of been cool. But the way I took it, I liked it. I hope my interpretation is correct (or at least close, haha). The ending cut scene was really cool.  Thanks for the invite to play your game!

(Video Length 8:32)

Forged By Games Playthrough of Disconnected.

To watch my play through of Disconnected click the image to be redirected to YouTube

Thank you again for playing!

how can i create a game just like that

There's a lot of tutorials out there how to use game engines. I'm definitely not the best person for you to ask, as I'm still new with unity too.
But my advice is to make a proper game design document, detailing everything about your game especially the scope. A common problem when making games is having a scope that's too big, and you end up not being able to finish. Even if you initially plan to make a small one, you'll end up wanting to add little features here and there, but they ultimately add up to a big amount of work. Properly think about the game you want to do before you start actual production.

thank you for advise all i want to see is how you do the game code so that i can understand it

Sorry, I'm not a programmer. I've properly credited the programmer of this game.
As I said before there's lots of tutorials out there and scripts available for free too. 
Please do help yourself by searching for the available resources. 

THIS IS FINE... | Disconnected Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Thank you for checking out and playing the game!

Great work! Thanks, Reb ;)


Thank you very much for playing and the support! You've probably figured out by now that this is my first game. I really appreciate when you said you wanna check out more of my works. I'll be sure to actually have more soon.

Not bad! I think it suffers a little from the lack of context and the pacing, but the art, animations and sound design are all spot on! Detailed feedback at the end of the vid!

Thank you so much for playing the game and the feedback! This was really the first time I got actual feedback. I've showed it to a few friends but they never said any criticism even though I was asking for it. I definitely would have more people test the games I'll do next. 

I agree with everything you've said too. This was the first time I've made an actual attempt with level design, and I honestly wasn't giving enough thought about it. This really is a big learning step for me as the first game I properly designed from scratch. I've already learned a lot, especially with your feedback, so I'd say this small game is doing its purpose wonderfully. 

I'm also mainly an animator/artist so I have a good amount of knowledge with that. Now I need to get better with game design! I'm still lacking with sound design too so I'd like to dive in more on that. 
Thank you once again. I really appreciate it.

This was a cool little game. No one interested and no one helping. Some lovely animations and sounds. Cut scenes were great too. Good job... :)

Thank you very much for taking your time and doing this. I appreciate it!

This is a simple yet creepy little game about what appears to be social alienation in a surveillance dystopia. Good work on the animation, which does a lot given the simple pixel-ish characters! If this is your first work I look forward to seeing what you come up with next! I'm glad this project made you feel more confident in your Unity skills and it shows. 

Thank you so much for playing and following! I've already started working on my next game so I hope that gets finished soon too.